Vol. 5 (2024): International Symposium on the Interplay of Science, Technology, and Socio-Economic Development

International Symposium on the Interplay of Science, Technology, and Socio-Economic Development

Co-hosts of the conference are:
  • Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo, Indonesia
  • Kyrgyz State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports
  • Silkroad Research Network


The International Symposium on the Interplay of Science, Technology, and Socio-Economic Development is a seminal event that brings together a multidisciplinary array of scholars, industry experts, and policymakers. This virtual symposium, scheduled for April 30th – May 1st, 2024, via Zoom, serves as a dynamic forum for discussing the transformative impact of scientific and technological advancements on social structures, economic growth, and human development.

The symposium aims to foster a comprehensive dialogue on how innovations in science and technology can be leveraged to address pressing socio-economic challenges, promote sustainable development, and shape the future of societies worldwide. Participants will engage in a rich exchange of ideas, encompassing theoretical frameworks, empirical studies, and policy analysis within the broad spectrum of social sciences and humanities.

Conference Highlights:

  • Publication Opportunity in Indexed Journal: A chance for free publication in a prestigious journal, allowing for the broader dissemination of research findings and contributions to the academic community.
  • Inclusive Proceedings: Detailed compilation of the symposium’s presentations and papers, offering a rich resource for ongoing research and reference in the intersection of science, technology, and socio-economic studies.
  • Recognition of Contribution: Presenters will receive a Certificate of Presentation, acknowledging their valuable contributions to the discourse on socio-economic development through the lens of science and technology.
  • Distinguished Keynote Speakers: The symposium is proud to feature a roster of esteemed speakers from diverse academic and geographical backgrounds, providing insights into the global implications of technological advancement on societal progress.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Sriyono H. K
Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo, INDONESIA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurmira Abdybekova

Kyrgyz State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, KYRGYZSTAN



Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, NIGERIA


Lagos State University of Education, NIGERIA

Call for Papers:

We welcome contributions from researchers, academics, and practitioners interested in exploring the nexus between science, technology, and socio-economic development. Topics of interest include technological impacts on education, health, economic policies, social inequality, sustainability, and the evolving dynamics of work and society in the digital age.

Abstract & Full Paper Submission: Submissions should be directed to afikaeditor@gmail.com no later than April 26th, 2024.

Key Dates:

  • Symposium Dates: April 30th – May 1st, 2024
  • Submission Deadline: April 26th, 2024

This symposium represents an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to and shape the discourse on how the evolving landscape of science and technology can be aligned with socio-economic objectives for the betterment of humanity. We invite you to join this vital conversation and share your insights, research, and visions for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Published: 2024-03-17